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7 Steps To Break (or Make) A Habit

We all have habits, some good and some not. These are behaviors that we’ve learned and that occur almost automatically. And most of us have a habit or two we’d like to break, or one we’d like to develop. For most people, it takes about four weeks for a new behavior to become routine, or […]

The Success Formula

A = stands for attitude. S+K Represents the skills/knowledge needed Goals Goals make it easier to change behavior. PBC Represents positive behavior change. IR Improved Results Start with asking “what are the improved results you are hoping to see?” Attitudes as a multiplier of Skills plus Knowledge plus Goal Achievement leads to Positive Behavior Change which […]

Organizational Diagnostic’s 101

STAR Model Diagnostic Tool The diagram below provides a theoretical model that will help business owners or management understand the source of their problems. A successful organization is one where all the parts are working together (are in alignment). These organizations are innovative, customer responsive, and prevent fires-they’re not spending time putting out fires. Start […]

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