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Burnout Club — Rules and Regulations

Be a “perfectionist” – never accept anything less than perfection. Work at least ten hours each day; work as many holidays as possible. Adhere to a diet of “fast foods” and candy bars. Adhere to inflexible idealism. Assume the responsibility for solving the problems of all your friends, family and co-workers. Never delegate any responsibility. […]

How Intense is Your Customer Focus?

  “What’s Mr. Smith’s condition?” asked the raspy voice on the phone. “He’s recovering so well he’ll be going home in a few days”, answered the nurse. “Who shall I say called?” “This is Mr. Smith calling. My doctor won’t tell me anything!”   Part of the reason so many organizations aren’t really customer focused […]

Are all entrepreneurs the same?

  Entrepreneurial DNA When I started working with small to midsize businesses in my consulting business I believed that with over 20 years experience I could craft and develop one strategic business planning process that would work well for all businesses to be successful. The more I worked on my execution of this master plan. […]

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