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Curiosity Might Have Killed the Cat, but it Keeps Consultants Alive

One of the most important qualities needed by every Coach and Consultant is a burning curiosity for what makes people tick. Why do they behave the way they do? Why do they get stuck in the same repetitive patterns they know are doing them wrong? What’s really going on inside their heads. How do you […]

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5 Networking Tips to Get You Noticed

Networking is a proven method to get you business. Here are 5 networking tips designed to get you noticed: 1. Share Strategically Don’t be a “business-card ninja” throwing your cards around the room willy-nilly. (For some fun, check out this video of the ultimate business card ninja.) True business networking is not throwing your business […]

Is Glossophobia Holding You Back? Part II

Our previous post Is Glossophobia Holding You Back? 4 Tiny Techniques to Help You Command an Audience contained some easy techniques to give you the confidence to stand up and deliver a succinct message to an audience to help you build your practice. Once you’ve decided to do a speech, how do you structure it? […]

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