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BOSI’s SB3D | WBRC Solutions


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What’s SB3D? Watch this Video to learn more SB3D

BOSI’s SB3D is a Small Business 3D workshop.

  • The SB3D is a business optimizer proven to help companies play to their entrepreneurial DNA. The result is sustainable, scalable growth.
  • The 3 Ds are:




In ~4 hours key business leaders (owners, CEO, CFO, etc.) will gain massive insights into how to drive their business further and faster

Who Should Attend?

  • Ideal attendees are leaders of privately held companies.
  • They are decision makers (i.e., Owner, CEO, CFO).
  • Prior SB3D companies have been generating $3M to $30M+ annually.
  • The leader wants to grow the company 5X-20X+ for eventual sale in 5-7 years.
  • They recognize their current structure won’t get them there…and may actually be holding them back.



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