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Is Entrepreneurship Broken?

When I started working with small to midsize businesses in my consulting business I believed that with over 20 years experience I could craft and develop one strategic business planning process that would work well for all businesses to be successful. The more I worked on my execution of this master plan. I quickly realized that not everyone is wired the same in the business community.

So I quickly started to ask myself the question is “Entrepreneurship Broken”

The reasons I think it is broken

  1. There has been a lot of focus on this subject by business consultants and educators to provide information to help small business owners be successful. So why is it that the entrepreneur has access to more information on line, every major education institution as a entrepreneurship program yet the business failure rates have not change over the last 50 years or 10 years or even last year. It begs the question is there some kind of bottle neck on how we view entrepreneurs
  2. In every city you can attend free workshops at local events with guest speakers that will provide you with the next one page tip sheet for success. The entrepreneur becomes confused by this vast information buffet that is available and try’s to build their business strategy on various tip sheets. The tips sheets are just an “Education Based Marketing Strategy” to sell them services.

The reason “Entrepreneurships is Broken” is that the whole world thinks that all entrepreneurs are the same when in fact they are wired differently because they have unique “Entrepreneurial DNA”

To find out more on understanding entrepreneur DNA take this free assessment

Entrepreneurial DNA Assessment

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