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Organizational Diagnostic’s 101

STAR Model Diagnostic Tool

The diagram below provides a theoretical model that will help business owners or management understand the source of their problems.

A successful organization is one where all the parts are working together (are in alignment). These organizations are innovative, customer responsive, and prevent fires-they’re not spending time putting out fires.

Start with the strategy- what’s your game plan.

  • If you want to accomplish something that means you need to do something differently-that’s change. Has the organization defined success, where they want to go. What they want to accomplish?
  • Does your structure support that strategy? Many times when something isn’t working organizations change their structure rather than address the real problem.
  • Do your process support your strategy> look at way the works flow: how much time to produce a product, waste measurement etc. Again the key is alignment. If the strategy is low cost, quick turn around, but the processes don’t support it your strategy is dead.
  • Do your rewards and recognition system support your strategy? For example, if the strategy is team based but you’re rewarding individuals, the strategy is dead.
  • Do you people have the attitude, skills and knowledge to implement the strategy? Do you have right people in the right place, doing things for the right reasons? Are they aligned to the strategy? Do they even know it

All this feeds to the heart of the business Loyal Customers and your results. If all you are measuring profitability, is this a good measurement? Profit is the result of something – it’s the result of past decisions. Profit is a lagging indicator not a forward indicator. If you are only measuring profit the organization could have a problem. An organization cannot forecast there future by only looking at profit.

The other key is leadership. Can the decision makers define the difference between Leadership and Management. Leadership has to do with the future, innovation, where they are headed and determining right things to do. Management’s role is to do the right thing now.

Things to look for

Strategy: Do you have a documented strategic plan? What do you hope to accomplish in the 18-24 months? What are your vision, values and customer needs? What are your key objectives and success factors?

Structure: Turnover in 30 days, firing, high turnover turf war gridlock, fighting fires or silo mentality

Process: Cycle time, re-work, response time, gridlock lead times, scrap customer complaints

Rewards & Recognition: internal competition gridlock and turf wars

People: low morale, communications long meetings productivity and turnover.

Results: Lost targets, no focus looking at past results to determine future growth, pact mentality, what is your customer retention process and how loyal are your employees?

If you continue to use the model as an ongoing business process you will be able to identify potential issues or problems that will allow you create a successful organization that will deliver measureable and sustainable results.

Bruce business profile

Over 20 years’ experience in leadership, excelling in business planning, strategy development and process improvement. Bruce is a leader with strong business acumen, well-developed analytical skills that transforms into powerful operational business planning focused on people.Bruce helps clients to develop and manage strategic, cultural and structure changes within organizations or cross functional teams. He has recognized ability for strategic development and performance management planning that delivers measurable and sustainable results.

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