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Referral Business: 3 Steps to Generating Unlimited Referrals

Of course, every sales person knows referral business is vitally important. But how do you generate enough referrals to triple your sales and commissions? That’s easy, keep reading and I will share three sure fire steps to creating massive referrals for your business:

Wow your clients

In order to generate referral business you want to go out of your way to demonstrate a high level of service to EVERYONE who comes in contact with your business and not just clients.

Everyone who comes in contact with your business is a potential customer or referral source. I’ve had service people come into my office, see how we do business, and ask about our services.

But how do you “wow” your clients and others to generate referral business?

Basically, you will need to be honest, knowledgeable, friendly, professional, and deliver on your promises.

Exceed their expectations. Set yourself up to succeed. If you think a task will be completed on Wednesday, tell your client it will be completed on Friday. Then, when you call them on Wednesday to report that the task has been completed you’ll look like a superstar because you exceeded their expectation. In short, deliver ahead of schedule and always look for a way to communicate proactively. Find out why your clients call and stop them from calling by answering all questions ahead of time.

Give unexpected bonuses. Give your clients some kind of surprise bonus. Give them more than what they expected. Your bonus could relate to your product or it could be in the form of a gift. Here are a few gift giving ideas to help generate referral business:

Step #1: Before the sale

Try to give your clients something right up front. Try giving clients a $5 gift card before they even agree to do business with you.

During the sales process send cookies to both spouses’ work with a thank you note and plenty of your business cards so they can give them to co-workers. This is an excellent technique for creating referral business.

After the transaction is complete send a hand-written thank you note and flowers to your clients’ home.

Step #2: Collect testimonials

Now that you have wowed your clients, get a testimonial from them.

In fact, it would be a great idea to survey your clients at the beginning, middle, and end of the sales process immediately after they have received one of your gifts.

Collect your surveys in writing by using short, quick answer questionnaires; 10 questions or less. Here are sample questions for your questionnaire:

  • Why did you choose to do business with us?
  • Was your transaction closed on time? YES / NO
  • How would you rate our courtesy? EXCELLENT / GOOD / FAIR / POOR
  • How would you rate our efficiency and speed? EXCELLENT / GOOD / FAIR / POOR
  • How would you evaluate the competitiveness of the price you received on your product? EXCELLENT / GOOD / FAIR / POOR
  • Overall, how would you rate the service you received during this transaction? EXCELLENT / GOOD / FAIR / POOR
  • Have you ever purchased a similar product from a company other than (Your Company Name)? YES / NO
  • Would you recommend us to a friend or relative? YES / NO

Ask for permission to share these experiences with others in your marketing material. This information can serve as testimonials for the next step in the creation of your referral business.

Step #3: Generate more referral business

Now you need to take the data from the questionnaires and combine that with the specific measurable results that your client achieved by aligning with you to create a case study.

The most obvious use for your case study is to publish to a section of your website. But in order to get the most out of your case studies, you will need to go further.

The second use of the case study is as a way to educate your centers of influence and referral sources. Take them out to lunch and give them a couple copies of several case studies. This way they can see the financial incentives that their friends, business contacts, etc. could achieve by working with you.

Yet another use is to give a copy back to the client. This version should really highlight how they are a better company or person as a result of the work with you. They can hang it in their office or share with their network, so word gets out to their contacts about how you may be able to help them achieve similar results!

In summary, incorporate these ideas into the way you conduct business and you will automatically deliver such a high level of service that your clients will jump at the chance to tell their family, friends, and co-workers about your service.

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