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Welcome to WBRC Solutions


Retail Solutions

WBRC Solutions will analyze your business to determine the solutions that will optimize business strategies and retail 2maximize sales & profit. We will discover, design and deploy strategy that is scalable through actionable business plans that have measurable and sustainable results. Strategies will be developed around merchandise assortments, inventory management, vendor management and sales & profit optimization.  The organization will be trained to execute the business plans and use the information to find future solutions for ongoing business improvement.

Retail Business Analytics

  • Inventory Assortments
    • What is working and what is not?
    • Do you have the right depth and breadth? Right amount at the right time,
    • Item quantification & item development. Category management best practiretail aisleces
    • Plan-o-gram and in store merchandising
    • Vendor Relations
    • Open to Buy setup
    • Supply Chain best practices
    • In season course correction plans
    • Turnover- Group-Department-Classification-Demand Unit
    • GMROII (Gross Margin Return on Inventory Investment)


  • Sales
    • Sales Analytics for business plan deployment
    • KPI development to increase sales base AUT AST UPTRetail 1
    • Sell Through-What it is and what it should be?
    • Lost sales-What sales were due to poor inventory flow or seasonal issues?
  • Store
    • Profit and Loss review
    • Competition-Who and what?
    • Market- Size-Demographics-Geographic’s
    • Localization Strategy

Small-Med Size Training workshops and seminars

retail sales

  • My Store My Business
    • Learn how to take ownership of the business through business planning.
    • Navigate Profit and Loss statements for success.
  • Retail Math
    • Using basic retail math principles to develop strong business development strategies
  • Proactive Profitable Sales Associate Selling
    • Sales Associates will be active sellers instead of cashiers at every moment of truth
  • Markdown Management
    • How to manage markdowns to maximize profit
    • Item markdown management strategy
  • Profit Improvement
  • Business Analytics

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