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Three Myths About Networking

Most of you probably realize the value of networking, but did you know that last year 50% of the sales Affiliates made were the result of networking in some capacity? If something is holding you back from tapping into this surefire business generation technique, here are three myths we’d like to dispell:

Myth #1 – “You can’t measure the return on investment for networking.”

See the second sentence above … ‘nuf said.

Myth #2 – “I’m not an extrovert. Networking won’t work for me.”

OK, so meeting and interacting with new people might not be at the top of your list, but there are some ways to take the sting out of networking events. Seriously consider becoming an ambassador to new members or a visiting host for events. Play on some of the skills you already have. Think about this … when you have guests in your home, what do you do? Greet them kindly, take their coats, offer them a beverage, and overall make them feel comfortable. Think you can do those same things at a networking event? You bet!

Myth #3 – “Networking is so old-fashioned.”

Sure it is … that’s because it’s worked for so long! Granted the days of the close-knit community where everybody knew and trusted everybody else have changed. What hasn’t changed is everybody’s need to do business with those they trust. Create around yourself a network of people you trust, whether you know them through a formal networking or leads exchange group, or informally through your interactions in your community. Recommend people often. Go out of your way to help others make connections, and they’ll go out of their way to recommend you.


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